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Peanut Chikki Recipe – Moongphali gur ki Chikki – Peanut Jaggery Bar

Peanut chikki recipe moongphali gur ki chikki or peanut jaggery bar by kitchen with Sanovia.

Peanut Chikki W - Peanut Chikki Recipe - Moongphali gur ki Chikki - Peanut Jaggery Bar
Delicious Peanut Chikki

Peanut chikki bar at home make it this winter for your kids they will love this moongphali gur ki chikki.

Video Recipe:

Peanut Chikki Ingredients:

Jaggery 2 cup (crushed)

Peanuts 1 cup (pealed)

Ghee 1 tbs

Oil 1 tbs


Take fry pan add in pealed peanut roast 2 minutes
Now take another pan and add 1 tbs ghee, add jaggery and cook on low flame for 15 to 20 mins untill thick consistent

Add peanuts and mix well
Cook for 2 minutes on low flame keep stirring

Here take hard and straight tray or cutting board grease it with oil
And spread the cooked better in tray evenly
Rest it for 5 minutes untill it gets little harder
Mark with knife and rest it more until totally cool down
Cut in bar equally delicious peanut chikki is ready

Tip: Peanut chikki better can stick on your fingers and can burn your fingers so do it carefully

Moongphali ki chikki Ajza:

Gur 2 cup (Kuta howa)
Moongphali 1 cup (chilee hoi)
Ghee 1 khanay ka chamcha
Tail 1 khanay ka chamcha

Moongphali gur ki chikki banane ka tareeqa:

Aik fry pan lain aur ismain chille hoaee moongphali daaldain or 2 minute tak bhun lain
Abb aik pan lain or ismain 1 khanay ka chamcha ghee daalain aur gur dalain or halki anch per
15 say 20 minute tak paknay dain(chamcha hilatay rahain) jabtak gur pighal jaye
Jab gur achi tarah pak jaye to moongphali daaldain or mix karlain
2 miniute tak paknay dain chamcha hilatay rahain
Ab aik tray lain plastic ya steel ki or ismain phaila dain tray per pehlay tail laga lain
5 minute tak isko thanda honay dain or thora sakht honay dain
Chaqu ya kisi nokeeli cheez say nishan laga lain chokor ya jaisay ap ko pasand hon
Mazeed thanda honay dain jabtak bilkul sakht ho jaye
Tukray alag karlain or mazedar moongphali ki gurdani tayyar hai.

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