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Chicken Corn Soup

How to make Chicken Corn soup with Homemade Chicken Stock Recipe By Kitchen With Sanovia

Chicken corn soup recipe is a quick, easy and simple way to make. This Chicken soup mostly served in winter. One must try this in winter to enjoy the taste and stay warm. In a cold weather a bowl of hot chicken corn soup which we need to boost energy and warm our mood, soul and remain blessed. In this video we are going to make this recipe with step by step method for you to learn how to make this soup at home without any need to go out. Yes we need a list of ingredients to make this perfect yummy mouth watering recipe with homemade chicken stock.


Serving 2 to 3 Persons

List Of Ingredients:

125 Gram chicken boiled and shared Boiled chicken stock half litter
2 boil eggs chopped them into small pieces
One beaten egg
1 teaspoon of salt or as required for taste
One teaspoon of black pepper powder or as required
Corn flour 3 tablespoon
Soy sauce according to taste
Chili sauce
White vinegar


Take one pan and add boil chicken stock add salt, boil chicken shared and cook 15 minutes on medium flame.
Now add beaten eggs and stire spoon slowly.
Now make corn flour mixture.
In corn flour add 1/4 cup water mix it well.
Add this mixture in soup and stire spoon mix well.
Now add boil eggs and black pepper powder cook 2 minutes more.

Our very yummy tasty chicken corn soup is ready to be served, use soy sauce and peppers according to you mood and taste. This recipe is very good in gaining instant boost for energy.

Tip: Serve it hot. I would like to add little more soy sauce, chili sauce and green chilies to the soup and if you find corn you may use its grains and it during cooking to feel the best taste and smell.

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