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Cake Without Oven – Easy Cake Recipe – Cake Recipe Without Oven

Cake Without Oven – Easy Cake Recipe – Cake Recipe Without Oven

Cake without oven is a Sponge cake recipe consist on wheat flour, sugar, butter and eggs and baking
powder.This sponge cake is considered to be one of the first of the non-yeast cakes. In this video and article we are going to bake this cake with easy step by step process without oven please watch and enjoy trying this recipe at home.

According to Wikipedia The cake was first invented by the Italian pastry chef Giovan Battista Cabona (called Giobatta), at the court of Spain with his lord, the Genoese marquis Domenico Pallavicini, around the middle of the 16th century.

Cake Ingredients:

Unsalted butter 50 gram
All purpose flour one and a half cup
Sugar half cup
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Backing powder 1 tablespoon
Salt half teaspoon
Eggs 3

Cake Without Oven Method:

Take one large bowl and add butter and beat it for 2 minutes now add one egg and beat for 1 minute add one more egg and beat again for 1 minute slowly, now add last egg and beat 1 minute more.

Add in eggs sugar and beat till sugar dissolve.

Now add in mixture vanilla extract, backing powder, salt and graudually add flour add beat till smooth and soft mixture.

Take cake pan and grease with butter and sprinkle flour in pan.

And add cake mixture in this cake pan.

Take one large pan and add salt one packet add put steel rack and preheat this pan on medium flame for 15 minutes.

Now put cake pan in preheat large pan.

Cook 10 minutes medium flame.

After 10 minutes cook more 45 to 50 minutes on low flame.

Cool down cake and slice the cake.

Sponge Simple Cake without oven is ready.

You can have it with tea and sometimes when sudden guess arrive so you can make this cake in quick time, or give it to your kids in evening time or studying or weekends.

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