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Easy Beef Stew Recipe – Stew Recipe

Beef Stew Recipe How To Make At Home

Beef Stew is the  king of all stews recipes. It may cooked with meat only but few peoples mix potatoes in stew as well also they add gravy, it taste better without gravy to bring the delicious spicy taste. In this Recipe we are going to make a good beef stew. In this beef stew recipe article you will find a detailed video and text to learn how this type of dish at home with ease, please watch full video or read whole article for step by step method and try it once atleast at home you will love it.

Serving: 3-4 Persons:

Beef stew ingredients:

Beef meat 750 grams with bones

4 medium size onion slice ruffle

2 large size tomatoes slice ruffle

Oil 1/4 cup

3 green chilies and fresh green coriander chopped for garnishing

2 Bay leafs

6 to 8 cloves of garlic raw (sabut)

3 inches piece of ginger Julian cutting

Salt 1 teaspoon

2 black cardamom

4 small stick of cinnamon

8 to 10 black pepper raw ( sabut)

5 black cloves raw (sabut)

1 tablespoon cummin

10 cayennes ( sabut gol mirch)

1 tablespoon of dry coriander raw (sabut)

Cooking Method:

Take one pan and add in oil now add onion and fry lightly now add tomatoes , ginger, garlic,bay leafs, cardamom,salt, cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cloves, black pepper, and fry 1 minute

Please add water meat reduce own water in this water cook meat till tender in low flame for 40 to 50 minutes.

Cover it for 40-50 minutes.

Now meat water will dry and all the ingredients will mix up on low flame wait for above given time till oil come up on surface.

You may garnish with green chilies and fresh coriander.

Your Beef Stew is ready.

You can enjoy it and serve it hot.

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